Life sciences  

When producing drugs or using enzymes, cells and microorganism for technical purposes, any contamination could pose a risk to the process' end result. Control engineering and equipment by SAMSON establish the right conditions for safe processes thanks to the tailor-made aseptic valves.

To meet the high requirements stipulated in the FDA and EHEDG regulations, our valve bodies are made of stainless steel. All wetted surfaces are precision-turned or polished. Additional electropolishing is used to achieve surfaces with glossy or high-gloss finishes, which reduces the surface roughness to no more than 0.25 μm. The valve bodies are free of cavities and suitable for CIP (cleaning-in-place) or SIP (sterilization-in-place).

EPDM and PTFE diaphragms are used to shut off the valve towards the actuator and the atmosphere. End connections are available as either detachable or fixed. Exact dosing and proportioning, which are indispensable in this sector, are ensured by the high control accuracy characteristic of all our products.

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